ELSA Company Timeline


ELSA 35th Anniversary

One of the very first Japanese companies to arrive in Indiana, ELSA will celebrate its 35th Anniversary in September 2022. With an expanding product and customer base, and with a renewed commitment to building our future together as a team, ELSA is well-situated as it turns the page and starts its next 25 years as a mainstay in the central Indiana business community and a supplier to top customers around the world


New President of ELSA

Michael Evans was promoted to President of ELSA


Start Building Fuel Tanks for Honda

ELSA began making blow molded fuel tanks for Honda


New Press Building

ELSA broke ground on an expansion of its Press Operations. The expansion will be about 61,000 square feet


New Plastics Plant Building

ELSA broke ground on its new plastics plant. This 131,000 square foot building houses our injection molding and blow molding operations


New ELSA President

Yasuhiko Matsuoka became President of ELSA


Toyota 052A Camry

Start production of Toyota 052A Camry components



TS16949 certification obtained

Start production of Toyota Camry components

ELSA was awarded fuel tank business with Toyota to support the production of the Camry in Lafayette, IN


Subaru B9 Tribeca

Start production of Subaru B9 Tribeca components


TPM Award

Awarded TPM excellence second category


Building expansion


Mitsubishi Endeavor

Start production of Mitsubishi Endeavor components


ISO14001 certification obtained



Start production of Unipress stamped parts


ELSA purchased E-Building

ELSA purchased E-Building a block behind our main facility which is where we now manufacture air cleaners with our own injection molding operation


Mazda 626

Start production of Mazda 626 components


Receive QS9000


Kiyokazu Sakamoto

Kiyokazu Sakamoto becomes ELSA’s second president

Masataka Sakamoto

Masataka Sakamoto, ELSA’s first President, returned to work at Sakamoto, in Japan, and his brother, Kiyokazu Sakamoto, came to Elwood and assumed the reins of the Presidency of ELSA


Building Expansion

Ground was broken in June for another 49,600 square foot addition to house our shipping department and finished goods storage. This addition was completed in October of 1994

Mitsubishi Eclipse

Start production of Mitsubishi Eclipse components

Chrysler Sebring

Start production of Chrysler Sebring components

Mitsubishi Galant

Start production of Mitsubishi Galant components


Ford Villager

Start production of Ford Villager components


Expansion Completed

Building expansion completed

Isuzu Rodeo

Start production of Isuzu Rodeo components


Subaru Legacy

Start production of Subaru Legacy components

Plans To Construct a 160,000 sq. ft. addition

ELSA announced plans to construct a 160,000 sq. ft. addition nearly tripling the size of the plant. 34 acres were purchased for the expansion to be completed in 1990. The addition would allow ELSA to operate its own stamping equipment and produce air cleaners, suspension parts, and aftermarket exhaust systems


Masataka Sakamoto

ELSA’s first president Masataka Sakamoto

ELSA Company Formed

Hisazi Sakamoto, president of Sakamoto Industry, along with other members of the Company selected Elwood, Indiana as the location of this new manufacturing plant. To reflect the partnership between the Indiana city and the Japanese company, the first two letters from each were used to create the name “ELSA”